Pipe Lining

22after Pipe LiningLearning that your old plumbing or sewer pipe system needs to be replaced can be distressing. As a homeowner, you may have many questions. How long is it going to take, what exactly is going to take place? And how much is it all going to cost? The good news is that modern plumbing technology has changed how pipe replacement works. This means that it isn’t going to take long, the process is simple and easy, and it’s actually quite affordable.
There are several reasons why you may need to have your pipes replaced. You could experience a leak either inside or outside your home, there could be severe corrosion inside your pipes that could lead to clogged drains. Or you may have a tree root intrusion in your pipes which would cause you to either remove your pipes or repair them. The best solution by far these days when dealing with any pipe issues is to have your sewer lines or plumbing pipes repaired using high-quality pipe lining material.
No one wants to hear that their pipes need repair, but when you have a quality plumbing team like ours here at Nu Flow in St. Louis, you have the assurance that everything will go as smoothly as possible. We can help get your system back up and running once again in less than a day. That’s much better than the traditional method that could take nearly a week to complete.
At Nu Flow, we offer Trenchless Pipe Repair and Replacement services that take the stress out of your plumbing or sewer line replacement. Our lining materials are durable and long-lasting so that you won’t need to worry about another replacement anytime soon. We also offer additional services such as pipe cleaning and inspection, that can help you find out why your pipes need to be repaired in the first place.