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Pipe Lining

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Pipe Lining

NuFlow St. Louis pipe lining quickly and affordably restores any pipe, including water lines, sewer lines, storm drains, and roof drains. We lead the way in pipe repair technology, saving you time and money with innovative solutions that dramatically extend the life of the pipeline system.

What Is Trenchless Pipe Lining?

Pipe lining is an advanced method of sewer and water line repair that allows damaged and weakened pipes to be fully restored rather than replaced. NuFlow is the world leader in pipe lining solutions, with a suite of tools to rehabilitate potable, or drinking, water pipes, sewer lines, storm drains, roof drains, and others. We use a specially-engineered, high-strength epoxy resin to form a new, then pipe against the inside of the damaged one, sealing all the cracks and holes.

Pipes restored with NuFlow St. Louis’s pipe lining technology is not only as good as new, they’re even better. Unlike standard pipe materials, our epoxy pipe lining is rust proof and corrosion-proof. It withstands storm damage, earthquake stress, and extreme temperatures. Its seamless construction eliminates the possibility of leaking joints, and it repels tree root intrusion. A pipe relined by NuFlow St. Louis lasts for decades.

nuflow st louis plumbing Pipe Lining

How The Epoxy Pipe Lining Process Works

All of our pipe lining systems are trenchless technologies, which are used to restore a pipe without the need for extensive digging, removal of landscaping, or damage to property structures. Rather than exposing the entire length of a faulty pipe to replace it, we can insert our innovative tools and repair materials through built-in access points in the pipe, such as a cleanout port or pipe terminus. Because NuFlow St. Louis systems are much more efficient and less invasive, a typical pipe lining repair costs about 50% of that of other methods and takes a small fraction of the time.

For small-diameter lines such as potable water lines, sprinkler systems, and conduits, NuFlow St. Louis offers epoxy coating pipe lining. This ultrathin restoration seals leaks without reducing the diameter of the pipe, ensuring good water availability, and often increasing water pressure. We drain the water line and heat-dry it, then we apply a liquid epoxy the walls of the pipe with compressed air. After a few hours, the epoxy cures into a sleeve that restores the water line to perfect condition.

Larger pipes, such as sewer lines, storm drains, and roof drains, can be restored with cured-in-place pipe lining. This method uses the epoxy resin to create a completely new pipe within the old one. The lining is strong enough to replace small gaps and seal fractures, so it can be used in a vast number of circumstances. To complete the repair, we apply a thick coat of epoxy to a soft, flexible tube that is pulled in place in the pipe. The tube is expanded and the resin cures, forming the new, solid pipe in place of the old one.

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NuFlow St. Louis has the most advanced pipe lining technology available on the market today. Whether you need help with a water line, sewer pipe or roof drain, we have the solution for you. Call us today!

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