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Trenchless Pipe Lining Kirkwood, Missouri

nuflow st louis missouri plumbing Trenchless Pipe Lining Kirkwood, Missouri

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Kirkwood, Missouri Trenchless Pipe Lining

Every household will have to face pipe issues sooner or later. If your drains are clogging and the toilets are backing up more often than not, it’s time to call for a trenchless pipe lining professionals near your Kirkwood, Missouri property.

Nu Flow St. Louis offers a no-dig solution that trumps out traditional sewer repairs in all aspects. You won’t have to dread the excavation process and the noise coming from heavy machinery because in trenchless there’s no need to do so!

We rehabilitate your pipe systems above ground with less mess and less labor. It’s an innovative and green technology that all Kirkwood residents and business owners should try!

NO To Digging and Destruction

Everything starts when our technicians arrive and outfit a flexible fiber optic line with the latest HD camera. Instead of having to dig and guess where the problem is, we simply insert the camera into the sewer system to get a visual confirmation.

Age-related pipe issues are just one of the many reasons why you’ll need trenchless pipe lining. A leak may develop, or corrosion may have eaten away at your pipes. Tree roots may have invaded and caused a choke point that leads to back-ups.

But thanks to newer technology, we won’t have to rely on guesswork- we use a CCTV camera to get to any point in your sewer line and give it a look. A bonus to sewer camera inspection is we can determine where clean outs, tees, and elbows exist, as well as get the exact pipe measurements, distance, and the pipe material. All of these elements are put into consideration in determining the best trenchless solution.

Cured In Place Epoxy Pipe Lining Solutions

Did you know that trenchless pipe lining is quicker and more efficient than traditional plumbing repairs? Part of the process lies in cleaning out your pipes and inserting a liner to restore pipe integrity. You get a stronger and more durable replacement pipe than the original material.

nuflow st louis plumbing Trenchless Pipe Lining Kirkwood, Missouri

Once the inspection is completed, it’s time to prepare the ailing pipe for the lining. A hydro-jetting machine clears out the debris and restores the pipe to its original diameter. The pulverized material goes down to your municipal sewer processing system along with any bacteria.

Our expert technicians assemble the lining and prepare an artificial bladder that will inflate the liner when it’s in place. The whole setup is rolled up and pulled through with a cable or blown into place using pressurized steam or air.

The liner is inverted as soon as it’s in place. Curing time takes about 3 hours; when the components and the artificial bladder is removed, what’s left is a stronger, more durable pipe within the old pipes. It won’t cause you problems down the line and will last for 50 years or more. All in all, you save more and you’ll be back to your daily routine before you know it!

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Nu Flow St. Louis offers the latest trenchless sewer repair in Kirkwood and the surrounding areas. Our professional technicians will make sure you get the best service. Call us today!

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