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Leaking Pipes

nuflow st louis missouri plumbing Leaking Pipes

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A leaking pipe used to mean digging through your floor, ruining the landscaping, or worse. However, modern technology has led to trenchless forms of pipe repair that leave your property intact while also restoring your pipe to perfect condition. Your leaking pipe is easily repaired with Nu Flow technology, allowing you quickly get back to business as usual.

What Causes a Leaking Pipe and How Can I Identify it?

A leak can come from a hairline crack, years of corrosion, a loosened joint, or many other common plumbing problems. Sometimes added stress from a clog can cause a crack, or nearby construction and weather events can cause the ground to shift and result in a leaky pipe.

When your pipe is leaking, you may hear the faint sound of water running even when all of your fixtures are off. Puddles around your property, a sudden mold problem, or water damage in your home or business can also indicate a leak. Once you suspect a leak is happening, give Nu Flow St. Louis a call to perform an inspection.

Repairing a Leaking Pipe

A camera inspection by our knowledgeable technicians will determine the nature of your leak. Understanding the cause and severity of your leak may impact the method of repairs, and we will find the best solutions to fit your needs.

Most leaky pipes can be fixed using our trenchless pipe repair. Pipe lining involves coating the inside of the affected pipe with a durable epoxy resin that fills in areas of damage and creates a new pipe within your existing line. This technique can be used for water lines, sprinkler lines, sewer lines, and more. For larger-diameter pipes we will use a flexible tube to reinforce the pipe and restore it to better than new condition.

nuflow st louis plumbing Leaking Pipes

Advantages of Nu Flow Technology

Pipe repairs of the past involved digging trenches on your property the length of the damaged pipe, which often included digging through the floor or disrupting your landscaping. Pipe lining and other trenchless repairs can be used on virtually any pipe in your home or business and are performed without extensive digging.

Most repairs can be completed in a day, but the durable lining can last for decades. Our convenient processes will save you significant time and money over digging trenches. You can have peace of mind that your repairs will be completed in a timely manner with little to no impact to the surrounding area.

St. Louis has trusted Nu Flow for years with their leaking pipes. We’ve seen it all and are prepared to help you with a variety of trenchless repairs. Even our inspections can be performed using high-definition cameras to avoid digging on your property. Our industry-leading technology will take the headache out of pipe repairs and allow you to resume your daily routine quickly. At the first sign of a leaking pipe, don’t hesitate to contact Nu Flow St. Louis.

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