Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Video Inspection 1 300x173 Sewer Camera InspectionA sewer camera inspection is the only accurate way to determine the current condition of the sewer system at your residential, commercial, or industrial real estate without having to dig a trench to physically expose the sewer pipes. It is a smart idea to have a professional plumbing company, like Nu Flow Technologies, perform the task on a yearly basis. This holds especially true if you own an older property due to the fact that the sewer pipes may very well be near or even at the end of their normal lifecycle.

Even if your home, place of business, or investment property was built within the last twenty years or so it is always a good idea to have the sewer system inspected on a regular basis. Since sewer pipes are buried underground they are extremely susceptible to issues caused by the movements and shifts in the earth. It simply does not matter if the problem with the sewer pipes is caused by age, normal wear, and tear, or ground conditions. If they are fixed prior to causing a major sewer system breakdown you will certainly be a lot better off.

The sewer camera inspection procedure is both affordable and non-invasive.
The plumbing technician will begin by inserting a flexible rod with a tiny waterproof camera attached to the end into the sewer system through an access point such as a drain cleanout. As the tube is being fed through the sewer pipes the camera is recording images in high-definition format. The images are broadcast back to the technician in real time where they are viewed on a laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The video images are so crystal clear that even the smallest problems with or within the pipes are easily detectable. If the issues require immediate attention than the plumbing technician will formulate a repair plan on the spot. That way it will be taken care of prior to turning into a major sewer system breakdown. Often times the issues are small enough that they can be tracked from year to year with sewer camera inspections until the point that repairs are necessary.