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NuFlow Pipe Repair FAQ

What services does Nu Flow St Louis provide?

Nu Flow of St. Louis provides drain cleaning, pipe lining, sewer camera video inspections, sewer repair and trenchless sewer repair. We have invested in the latest plumbing technologies to provide all our customers with the most cost-effective and minimally invasive options.

What is your service area?

Since 2012, Nu Flow of St. Louis has provided our services to both homeowners and businesses across the greater St. Louis area. Our locations include O’Fallon, MO; Kirkwood, MO; Town and Country, IL; Florissant, MO; Chesterfield, MO; Des Peres, MO; Ladue, MO; St. Charles, MO; St. Peters, MO; and Webster Groves, MO.

nuflow st louis missouri plumbing NuFlow Pipe Repair FAQ

What is trenchless sewer repair?

Trenchless repairs are a modern innovation that has revolutionized the plumbing industry. By using these techniques, we can rehabilitate failing or damaged sewer lines without having to excavate the pipeline. Trenchless technology allows us to complete the repair process underground, restoring damaged pipes from the inside out.

At Nu Flow St. Louis, we use a pipe repair process called cured-in-place pipe, or CIPP, which has several key advantages over traditional sewer pipe replacement. By inserting a specially designed, epoxy-coated liner into the original pipe and leaving it to dry, we can restore pipes to a “better-than-new” condition without having to dig up or remove them. As the epoxy cures, it seals flaws such as cracks and breaks, forming a durable and long-lasting new sewer pipe.

What makes Nu Flow different from other trenchless repair services?

Nu Flow’s Pull-in-Place structural liner process is a patented technology that creates minimal disruption and displacement for property owners. With this technique, we can usually complete a rehabilitation process within a day or two, helping you get your life back to normal sooner.

Our CIPP lining system creates a long-term, structural pipe inside the existing host pipe system without digging or destruction to buildings or landscaping. Once the repair process is complete, property owners will enjoy an increased rate of water flow from their newly rehabilitated pipes, which should last for several decades to come.

How do I know I need sewer pipe rehabilitation?

If you’ve noticed gurgling drains, a sewage odor in or around your home, mold or mildew damage, backups in one or more of your fixtures or a flooded basement, these are all signs you have a problem that we can address with our CIPP relining method. After inspecting your pipes with our video camera, we will determine the source of the damage and the quickest way to fix it. Relining is also an excellent preventive measure, particularly for older buildings where pipes may be naturally reaching the end of their lifespan.

How much does trenchless repair cost?

Though every circumstance is different, a trenchless sewer repair typically costs a fraction of what a traditional pipe excavation would. One reason for that is that we require less equipment and manpower to complete a trenchless project, but also because the technology allows us to eliminate the digging and property damage expenses that make dig-and-replace sewer pipe rehabilitation so cost-prohibitive. By providing minimally invasive plumbing options, we have saved our customers thousands of dollars over the years.

I have older pipes. Can you still repair them with Nu Flow technology?

Yes. We can fix a wide range of pipe problems with our trenchless pipe lining solutions. We have used the CIPP lining process on a variety of piping materials, including clay, concrete, metal, PVC and fiberglass. We can also use this method to repair not only sewer mains, but also vertical stacks, vent systems, storm drains, municipal sewer lines and sanitary systems.

Nu Flow’s structural CIPP lining technology is highly versatile and is best suited for pipes that are 3/4” to as much as 12” in diameter. However, we also offer specialty applications for larger pipe systems.

How long will my trenchless repair last?

Even though it’s faster and easier, Nu Flow’s CIPP lining is a long-term solution, and isn’t designed to be a quick fix. When we install a new lining, it replaces the entire pipe, rather than just putting a patch over one specific problem area. The new pipe is seamless and resists damage due to common problems like weather, corrosion or tree root intrusion. You can expect your CIPP liner to last at least 50 years.

Do I need a video camera inspection?

Even if you have no reason to suspect a problem in your pipes, any property owner can benefit from a video inspection. That’s because sewer video cameras allow us to catch small issues before they have a chance to develop into larger ones. Even a small clog can put the health of your entire sewer system at risk, so why take chances? Whether it is for a property you already own, or one you are hoping to buy, be proactive and call Nu Flow St. Louis for a thorough inspection of your sewer pipes.

I have a sink that won’t drain. What should I do?

Your first step with slow or stopped drains is to call Nu Flow St. Louis for drain cleaning services. We offer a range of options, depending on the severity of your clog. Your Nu Flow technician may suggest our drain cabling service to resolve simple, less well-established blockages. For larger clogs, we offer hydro-jetting service, which uses a strong stream of highly pressurized water to blast away major pipe issues such as large clogs, tree roots or accumulated mineral deposits.

What sets Nu Flow St. Louis apart from other plumbing companies?

At Nu Flow St. Louis, we only invite the most skilled, knowledgeable technicians to join our team. We also have all the tools and technology to make your repair process as fast, easy, affordable and convenient as possible for you. There’s no repair process we won’t take on, and no challenge that’s too tough for our talented professionals to solve. Call us today at 314-856-3262 and let us show you why we are the leading plumbing service company in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area.

Less Time. Less Mess. Less Money.

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