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When it comes to pipeline repair and replacement, it's vital to remain at the forefront of technological advancement. That’s why here at Nu Flow St. Louis, we use the latest trenchless pipe lining techniques to produce quality work. We're devoted to offering the best services at an affordable rate.

What is Pipe Lining?

Pipe lining in University City, MO is a safe and efficient solution for replacing or repairing leaking, broken, cracked, or root-ravaged pipes. Unlike conventional pipe repair methods that call for tearing up and damaging your yard, flooring, or driveway, pipe lining fixes your sewer line at a fraction of the cost and time of conventional methods. It's also the best long-lasting solution to root invasion and corrosion.

Signs You Need Pipe Lining

There are a few warning signs to watch out for when determining if you need sewer pipe lining in University City, MO. These include:

  • A sudden influx of foul odors inside your property
  • Slow-flowing or clogged drains
  • Soggy or lush green spots in your lawn
  • Increased water bills
  • Sewer backups
  • Gurgling toilet sounds
  • Reduced water flow
  • Leaks

Importance of Pipe Lining

Pipes restored with our pipe lining technology function as new and last for over 50 years. Our epoxy liner is tree root resistant and corrosion-proof. It withstands temperature fluctuations, shifting ground stress, and storm damage. Its seamless design reduces the chance of leaking joints and connections.

The Benefits of Our Minimally Invasive Method

Pipe lining has many applications, such as cast iron pipe lining – a method utilized on cast iron pipes. In general, this is a time-and-money-saving way to fix pipes without the need for excavation or complete replacement. Besides time and cost-effectiveness, pipe lining means:

  • Less labor
  • Less invasive than conventional pipe repair methods
  • Improved water flow capacity
  • Reliable and durable
  • No corrosion, leaks, and tree root invasion
  • Environmentally safe

The Process of Pipe Lining

Before the CIPP pipe lining process starts, our professional technicians perform a sewer camera inspection to pinpoint the location of the damage, assess the overall state of your pipes, and determine the diameter of your pipes. We then perform hydro jetting to clean your pipes thoroughly. To complete the pipe lining process, our technicians coat a liner with epoxy resin and insert it into the pipe, forming a smooth, seamless fit. We use air or water to expand the liner, pushing it into the cleaned pipe's interior surfaces. We remove the liner once it cures, leaving the epoxy resin behind. After about 24 hours, the epoxy resin cures and hardens, forming a new pipe. Through pipe lining technology, we can fix pipes of 12 inches in diameter and smaller.

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Nu Flow St. Louis is one of the pipe lining companies that puts clients first. We prioritize our customers' needs by offering excellent customer service and superior industry-leading solutions. We're fully licensed and insured, and our technicians have the skills, experience, and tools to handle any pipe lining project, irrespective of scope and size. We have a 5-star rating on Facebook and Google as well as maintain BBB A+ rating.

If you're ready to enjoy the benefits of pipe lining, the Nu Flow St. Louis team is standing by to help. We have been serving businesses and homes in University City, MO, and the rest of St. Louis, MO, since 2012.

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