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When is CIPP Pipe Lining Ideal?

When is CIPP Pipe Lining Ideal?

Clogged drains and damaged plumbing systems can be very frustrating. When problems with your drainage arise, it is essential to hire professionals who can quickly assess the problem and provide a good solution. Even though you may handle more minor issues on your own, bigger problems may need services like trenchless pipe lining in St. Louis, MO. NuFlow St. Louis discusses the different situations where this method of repair is the ideal solution to your pipe problems.

If You Have an Old Pipe System

CIPP pipe lining is ideal for old plumbing systems. Older systems are susceptible to wear and tear, which results in severe damage that may weaken them over time. Such systems may require regular inspections to ensure that they are still in good shape.

Timely inspections on old systems will save you time and resources in the future 

as it will prevent complete damage, which may result in the plumbing systems requiring an overhaul. Cast iron pipe lining is a good option when replacing pipes.

If Your Drains Are Always Clogging

Frequently clogged drains indicate poor maintenance and neglect of proper drainage practices. Flushing inappropriate materials like too many solid and oil substances can make it difficult for your pipes and drains to remove the waste. While clogs are a common plumbing issue, recurring clogs are a sign of a more serious issue that requires sewer pipe lining.

If There are Puddles of Water on Your Lawn

A damaged pipe may result in water spillage and leaks. This can manifest itself in the form of small puddles of water on your lawn or yard. Green portions of nice green grass on specific areas of your lawn may also be an indication of water leaks. 

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