Sewer Repair

tree root pipe 30763 300x169 Sewer RepairProblems with the sewer system at your home, place of business, or investment property can be amongst the most expensive, stressful, and time-consuming situations that a property owner ever has to deal with. Just the thought of being around raw sewage, wastewater, and waste materials is enough to make some people want to hit the panic button. Can you imagine if it leaks out of the sewer pipes directly into the ground, or worse yet invades the interior of your property through the toilets, water faucets, and drains?

The bottom line here is that you need to be well informed and clearly prepared before a sewer related disaster strikes. This statement holds especially true if your real estate is over forty years old. At that point, the sewer pipeline is a ticking time bomb, and trouble can happen at any time. Thanks to recent advances in plumbing technology property owners now have choices when it comes to having their sewer system repaired or replaced. That being said, far too many plumbing contractors still rely on the outdated traditional excavation method.

It requires digging a large and damaging trench along the entire length of the sewer pipeline in order to physically expose it for repairs. The trench destroys the landscaping and hardscaping that is located in the general vicinity of the sewer pipeline. By the time the trench is excavated, the sewer pipe repairs are made, and the trench is filled back in with dirt the process can take multiple weeks to complete. It can also cost well north of $25,000 not to mention the additional cost and time that it takes to replace the landscaping and hardscaping.

The Nu Drain pipe lining process, developed by Nu Flow Technologies relies on high-tech equipment, materials, and procedures instead of large and damaging trenches. The entire sewer pipeline does not need to be exposed in order to repair it. Instead, a machine installs a tube into the sewer pipes through a small access point. The tube is comprised of an inflatable bladder and a felt outer surface that is saturated in a specially formulated wet epoxy substance. Once the tube is inflated the wet epoxy substance coats the interior surface areas of the sewer pipeline.

The tube is then deflated and removed from the sewer pipes. The wet epoxy resin substance cures in place within a few hours. Once it hardens a pipe liner or brand new pipe within the existing pipe is formed. The new pipe liner immediately seals any cracks, small breaks, or rotten spots within the existing sewer pipeline. It also prevents problems from occurring in the future. The entire Nu Drain trenchless pipe lining procedure can be completed from start to finish in as little as one day. It also costs just about fifty-percent less than the traditional excavation method.

If you would like a free sewer repair estimate please contact Nu Flow Technologies today. Our friendly customer service department will also answer any and all questions that you may have about our cutting-edge trenchless sewer repair process.