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How Older Homes Can Benefit From a Sewer Inspection

Sewer camera inspection

Pipes in older homes are more prone to problems such as cracks, weak joints, and leaks. However, since all of these happen underground, most homeowners often know about the problem once it has worsened and spread. Scheduling sewer camera inspection services in St. Louis, MO, can help prevent a catastrophe in your home. NuFlow St. Louis explains some of the benefits of regular inspections below:

Detect Corrosion

Old homes, especially those built around 50 years ago, didn't use PVC pipes for the sewer system. Most of these homes used cast iron on the sewer system. Cast iron is prone to corrosion and water mineral accumulation. When this occurs, the amount of water flowing through the pipes is reduced, causing pressure build up in the pipes. This could eventually lead to bust pipes and water backing up into your faucets. A plumbing inspection can help detect this issue and it can be resolved before it causes problems.

Reveal Damage

Since these homes have been around for some time, they are susceptible to all kinds of damage. Some of the most common we find during a sewer inspection include tree root invasions and cracked pipes.

Determine Pipe Condition

Knowing the general condition of your pipes can help you avoid costly plumbing problems. If we find any weak joints or potential issues within your system, we can take the necessary steps to resolve them before they turn into a problem.

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