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Why Sewer Inspection Is Necessary During Fall

Why Sewer Inspection Is Necessary During Fall

The onset of the fall season presents myriads of challenges to our sewer system. During this time, leaves and twigs fall from trees and can make their way into your sewer systems. In addition, there is the potential for tree roots to spread and find their way into our sewer lines as they search for diminishing water sources. Roots infiltration and leaves accumulation is bound to take a toll on the sewer line system, causing blockage and possible leaking. Therefore, it’s paramount to schedule sewer inspections from expert companies like Nu Flow St. Louis, which specializes in leak detection services in St. Louis, MO.

Discover Underground Leaks

Sewer inspection is essential during fall for underground leak detection that is a common occurrence. Generally, sewer lines are prone to having unwanted guests and root infiltration, which causes severe blockages as the animals, i.e., small rodents seek shelter from the cold outside. As they drag in leaves and all sorts of materials, the pipes clog and what follows is leakages begin to appear.

When the sewer line pipes start leaking, you will notice changes in system pressure and overall decreased efficiency, and you ought to identify the source of the leak with the help of a leak detection specialist.

Prevent Clogs and Sewer Backups

In most cases, sewer inspection involves using a video camera that is aided down the drains via an optic cable, relaying back the system’s internal state results to a closed-circuit TV (CCTV) monitor. When a blockage is identified, leak detectors are used to determine if any leakages are present around the area. If so, recommendations on the best approach for repair are given.

Are you planning to schedule a sewer inspection this fall, and do you require water leak detection services? Get in touch with Nu Flow St. Louis for an inquiry or to schedule an appointment.

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