Why Nu Flow Technology is the Best Way to Restore Your Pipes

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Trenchless repairs are the modern and convenient way to repair or replace your pipes, but what are the main advantages over traditional repairs? Our efficient and minimally-invasive techniques are able to restore your pipes to better-than-new condition without the need for invasive digging. Let’s explore the best reasons to opt for trenchless repairs with Nu Flow St. Louis.

Preserve Your Property Without Digging Trenches

Your entire repair can be completed from start to finish without digging on your property. Our inspection, repairs, and even pipe replacement techniques can be completed from a nearby access point to avoid digging up your landscaping, driveway, sidewalks, or even your structure itself.

It sounds too good to be true, but our industry-leading equipment can feed the necessary tools down your pipeline to the affected area and perform repairs while keeping your property intact.

Cost-Effective Plumbing Repairs

When it comes to traditional dig-and-replace repairs, the reconstruction can cost even more than the plumbing repair itself. The heavy equipment used to dig a trench can wreak havoc on your property, and the landscaping, repaving, and other reconstruction costs can quickly add up. Trenchless repairs will involve little to no rebuilding once the repairs are completed.

Our smaller work area and lack of heavy equipment means that the crew and work area are both significantly smaller. Our own savings on labor and equipment are then passed on to you.

Save Time with Efficient Trenchless Repairs

Lastly, many trenchless repairs can be completed very quickly when compared to traditional plumbing methods. Without the time needed to dig a trench and then fill it in again, your total completion time is a fraction of traditional repairs. You can get back to your daily routine quickly without worrying about plumbing repairs dragging on for days or weeks.

Nu Flow takes pride in offering convenient, trenchless repairs to the St. Louis area. Whether you need maintenance, routine repairs, or emergency services, our experienced technician will guide you through the entire process and recommend convenient, cost-effective repairs for your home or business. Contact us once you are ready to get started.

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