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Why DIY Drain Snaking Can Lead to Worse Issues

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When a drain in your home becomes clogged, the temptation is there to simply grab a snake and try to remove the blockage yourself. However, there are a couple of reasons why DIY drain snaking can make matters worse.

Drain Snaking Can Impact the Clog If Done Incorrectly

Drain snaking requires proper knowledge and skills to do it right the first time. When done incorrectly, the materials of which the clog consists can wrap around the snake and become lodged in the pipe.

If you can remove debris from a drain, you might think you’ve resolved the problem. However, in many cases, these blockages are much more extensive. If you don’t remove the entire obstruction, you may experience another clog relatively soon.

Even if you are successful at moving the blockage through the pipe, it could become stuck somewhere else. Or, if dislodged improperly, it can become stuck down the pipe where it is out of reach. Our company offers professional drain cleaning in St. Louis, MO that can help you avoid these issues.

Forcing the Snake Into the Clogged Drain Can Damage the Pipes

Another problem that can arise when you opt to use a snake yourself instead of employing drain cleaning services is the probability of damaging the pipes. If you are unfamiliar with how a snake works, you might force it into the drain rather than ease it into the pipe.

If you try to force the head of the snake down a clogged drain, you may strike the side of the pipe with enough force to crack it. However, when you decide to hire a professional service that has the experience to know the appropriate amount of pressure to place on the snake, you can avoid the risk of pipe damage.

When your drain becomes clogged, do not attempt to remove the blockage itself. Instead, contact the premier drain cleaning company, Nu Flow St. Louis, to schedule an appointment and have us do the job for you.

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