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What to Expect During Sewer Inspection

What to Expect During Sewer Inspection

It’s important to schedule sewer camera inspection services in St. Louis, MO as part of your home’s regular maintenance routine. Aside from helping you avoid emergency plumbing situations, sewer inspections can also provide you with the general condition of your pipes. 

If you are unfamiliar with what goes on during a sewer inspection and what you can expect from the procedure, NuFlow St. Louis explains more in detail:

An Update on the Condition of Your System

A pipe inspection reveals important information about your sewer system, such as its age, current problems, and potential issues. During the inspection, if we find any cracks, leaks, or blockages, we can provide you with the proper solutions to prevent these from turning into serious problems.

Eliminated Guesswork During Repairs

With traditional repair methods, plumbers would have to dig up your lawn several times to determine the location of the damaged pipe. This resulted in days of work and noise on your property. With a plumbing inspection, the guesswork is eliminated from our repair process. We can accurately locate and diagnose the problem quickly, allowing us to make the necessary repairs efficiently. 

No Need for Excavation

Since our drain inspection can be done without excavating your property, you won’t have to worry about spending on restorative landscape work once we are done. This lessens your overall repair costs as well, since you won’t have to pay for heavy machinery or additional labor during the repair process. 

Frequent sewer inspections can be greatly beneficial for your home. To learn more about sewer inspections or our different sewer services, get in touch with NuFlow St. Louis today. We have years of experience in the industry and can answer any of your questions. Contact us today to explore our full range of services or to schedule an appointment.

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