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What Makes Trenchless Pipe Lining Eco-Friendly

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Nowadays, being Eco-friendly extends to almost every aspect of our lives, including the foods we consume and the clothing we wear. However, most households don't know about the potential environmental effects of their plumbing and wastewater systems. This is why at NuFlow St. Louis, we offer trenchless pipe lining in St. Louis, MO, as an environmentally friendly and efficient method of repairing damaged or old pipes that don't require excavation. Learn what makes this method eco-friendly below:

No Excavation Is Required

One of the primary reasons sewer pipe lining is environmentally beneficial is that it removes the need for excavation, which considerably lowers environmental impact. Compared to conventional pipeline repair procedures, trenchless pipe lining requires plumbers to dig minor access points, limiting the environmental impact and leaving your lawn primarily unaffected.

It Generates Zero Waste

Conventional excavation methods involve transporting excavated soil and waste to a landfill or disposal site, which may be time-consuming and expensive. CIPP pipe lining, on the other hand, utilizes a unique resin to repair the existing damaged pipe. The resin is cured in the broken pipe, fixing all the leaks and dents from the inside.

It Eradicates Toxins

Trenchless repairs are environmentally safe since pipe lining companies don't use toxic or hazardous substances. Pipelining utilizes epoxy resin to fix plumbing pipes and produce a cured-in-place pipe. Making the Epoxy lining is an environmentally friendly method that doesn't produce carbon emissions contributing to the greenhouse effect.

It Reduces Energy Consumption

Cast iron pipe lining uses a specialized system that inserts the new pipe into the old one without heavy machinery, significantly reducing the energy consumed during the repair process.

At Nu Flow St. Louis, we offer cutting-edge solutions that fix your pipes and make them last for decades longer, saving you both money and time. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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