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Tips for Protecting your Pipes this Fall

leak detection services in St. Louis, MO

My favorite thing about living in the Midwest is that we truly get to experience all of the seasons. I wish that the Spring and Fall temperatures would stick around a little bit longer, but I’ve adjusted well to the St. Louis, Missouri quickly changing weather. 

When the leaves start to fall and the nights get chilly, it reminds me that winter could be right around the corner. So every Fall I make sure to do these things to protect my pipes and avoid needing urgent leak detection services in St. Louis, MO

The first thing we do is disconnect all outdoor hoses. This helps to ensure that the water that is trapped inside the house does not backup into the pipes and freeze. After we have disconnected the hose, we place a bucket underneath the faucet. The next day we go back to confirm that there are no leaks, otherwise we will schedule water leak detection in St. Louis, MO. Even a small drip can cause major damage, including cracked pipes, during a St. Louis, Missouri winter!

After we have confirmed that we have no leaking faucets we place a hose bib over the faucet and wrap any exposed pipes with styrofoam insulation.

You also need to be aware of any other pipes that may be at risk of freezing by consulting a leak detection specialist in St. Louis, MO. This includes pipes inside a garage or even inside your basement. Many of the historic homes in St. Louis have stone foundations and old pipes, these pipes could be at a higher risk.

Another item on our list is to confirm that running water can safely get away from our home and foundation. Even though those St.Louis fall leaves are eye catching, they can leave a real mess. Making sure that gutters are clear from debris helps water drain away from the house.

The last thing we always investigate before the first frost is to check for any backups in the sewer and drain system. Backups can be caused by food, waste debris and even tree roots invading the system. These blockages can cause water to sit and slowly backup within the pipes. We know that water freezing and unthawing inside of an old cast iron, clay or even PVC pipe can lead to damage. In order to ensure there is no blockage below ground and that the water will flow out of our pipes, we like to schedule a camera inspection and have any roots removed. We can also consider underground leak detection in St. Louis, MO. 

We hope that the above tips can help to preserve the life of your pipes and sewer systems. If you have any further questions feel free to call the office at 314.856.3262 and one of our leak detectors in St. Louis, MO, will be glad to help. 

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