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The Top Ways Sewer Inspections Take the Guesswork Out

The Top Ways Sewer Inspections Take the Guesswork Out

Drain maintenance and restoration have developed over time and brought such new technologies as trenchless sewer camera inspection. NuFlow St. Louis uses live video as a highly effective and cost-saving measure to gain a direct and comprehensive idea of a drain line’s condition. These are some of the ways the technique takes the guesswork out of drain repair.

What is Trenchless Camera Inspection?

Sewer inspection is essentially a video camera that snakes the line from a single access point. Technicians at NuFlow St. Louis can get a direct video image of the pipe’s interior, relaying exactly what the pipeline looks like.

It Determines if Trenchless Repair Is Viable

A distinct advantage of a camera inspection is that it gives a definite idea of whether the system will support lining and whether it can be fixed with the cost-saving trenchless repair method. Trenchless repair also operates entirely belowground from a single access point with minimal excavation or machinery, leaving the surrounding terrain unaffected.

Without visual information as verification, an entire drain could be dug up unnecessarily, adding significant time, interruptions and restoration costs when trenchless repair could have the job done cleanly in a day.

It Ensures Accurate Planning

A camera inspection can tell everything from the types of buildup in the line, including mineral scale, corrosion or grease, to tree roots, cracks, breaks, line peculiarities or even a collapsed system. Using this information, the NuFlow pipe restoration team can determine the exact repair method, whether that’s pipe lining restoration, epoxy coating or an entirely excavated overhaul.

Home Appraisals and New Homeowners

Inspections are important for prospective property sellers and buyers as well. For the seller, an understanding of the drain system’s condition will better inform the offered price. And it will leave no questions for the seller or buyer about the true condition of the property for sale or for the buyer if there should be additional restoration costs after purchase.

Preventative Maintenance

Having the line inspected once a year, especially in the early spring, to find out whether any damage occurred over the winter or from shifting terrain or tree roots. This information will let homeowners know right away what measures to take without waiting till bigger problems start showing up in terms of system backups or leaks, which can cost more than preventative repairs.

NuFlow St. Louis specializes in restoring aging and deteriorated plumbing systems with non-invasive trenchless methods, including pipe lining, drain cleaning and trenchless sewer repair. To learn more about sewer camera inspection services in St. Louis, MO, give us a call today or fill out the online form. You can also reach out to us here at NuFlow St. Louis to schedule an appointment.

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