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The Technology Behind Pipe Lining

Trenchless equipment

When it comes to the rehabilitation of compromised pipe lines, few methods are as effective, cost efficient, and as popular as trenchless pipe lining. Here, NuFlow St. Louis, the premier name for trenchless pipe lining in St. Louis, MO, takes a peek down history to examine the technology behind trenchless pipe lining.


Trenchless pipe lining traces its roots back to the seventies when cured-in-place piping was first developed by an agricultural engineer by the name of Eric Wood. It was first conceived as a way to repair an air duct above a mushroom bed. To avoid trenching and replacing the pipe altogether, trenchless pipe lining was born. Despite this process being such an ingenious one, the plumbing community took quite some time before sewer pipe lining was embraced as a legitimate pipe rehabilitation method. Since then, however, it has steadily gained popularity as an effective, non-invasive way to fix damaged pipes.


This great trenchless repair method was developed to enable pipe lining companies to execute all critical repairs, no buried pipes without digging them up. With this method, the compromised pipe lines can be accessed through a pipe connection or a clean-out valve. All the repair work is carried out without detaching the pipe from the lineup.


CIPP pipe lining uses liquid resin and textile liner tubes during a pipe repair activity. This method involves applications of chemical, sewer, gas, water, and heating pipelines. The CIPP process starts with the insertion and running of felt lining into the existing pipe that is being repaired. Resin is then subjected to a curing compound, which makes it attach to the inner walls of the pipe being repaired. Soon after the lining is fully cured, it becomes the new pipeline within the old one.

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