The Sinks In My Town & Country Home Aren’t Draining, Who Can I Call To Get Them Fixed?

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A non-draining sink happens eventually on most home plumbing systems. It might not sound like an emergency, but a sink that refuses to let go of the accumulated wastewater can slow down household activities and cause a nuisance. But before you get out a bottle of drain cleaning solution or use a plunger, think again- your actions may cause more harm than good. In times like these, it’s better to call in the help of a professional technician to get your sink working again.

How We Conduct Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Professional sewer repairs are far more affordable than what people think. Preventing a problem sink from turning into an emergency will cost you less money down the line. Here at NuFlow St. Louis, we fix the plumbing issue via trenchless technology. This proven system flushes out accumulated debris, blockage and calcified matter and improves your sewer system’s efficiency as well.

At NuFlow, we use powerful hydro jetting equipment and water pressure to break up the clog and dislodge any and all calcified matter that’s stubbornly stuck inside the pipeline. This type of drain cleaning process is better than traditional methods such as snaking and auger as it prevents the same problem from surfacing over and over again.

Hydro-jetting is a green solution that doesn’t contaminate your water main with toxic chemicals. Our technicians are trained to use the right pressure to effectively scour the inner walls of your pipe and destroy grease, sludge, and household items stuck inside. Not only will your sink work again, but it will also have an improved flow and become more efficient than it was before.

Call NuFlow St. Louis To Get Your Town & Country Pipes Cleaned & Draining Properly Today!

Regular cleaning prevents the instances of a clogged sink. Moreover, you’re less likely to be hit with messy backups and other plumbing emergencies. Call NuFlow St Louis today to get the best drain cleaning services for your town or country home.

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