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The Scope of a Sewer Inspection

The Scope of a Sewer Inspection

Homeowners are not likely to think about sewer lines until there’s a problem. However, sewer lines are an essential component of every home. When something goes wrong with them, they can cause both structural and health issues. Homeowners and potential buyers can protect themselves proactively by scheduling a sewer scope inspection.

As the premier provider of sewer camera inspection services in St. Louis, MO, we will now discuss their scope and nature.

What is a Sewer Inspection?

A drain inspection uses a video camera attached to a snake line to record and reveal any problems, such as collapsed lines, tree roots, or other issues. Sewer repairs are expensive, and the worst-case scenario is that you’ll have to excavate your yard to replace the pipes.

What Do Water Leak Detection Services Do?

A sewer line inspection involves checking the material that the sewer line pipe uses. Clay or concrete pipes are commonly found in older homes and are prone to multiple issues. An assessment will also check the quality of the installation to make sure that the pipes didn’t suffer from poor workmanship during installation.

What Does an Inspection Technician Do?

First, the inspection will use a video camera attached to a cable to examine the affected sewer line. This reveals damage, blockages, as well as potential problems before they become serious issues. Once the technician finishes the inspection, you will receive a report of findings and recommendations.

Nu Flow St. Louis specializes in sewer inspection. If you’re interested in buying a home, a thorough inspection can save you from a major headache in the future. Rest assured that our team will take an in-depth look to identify any issue before it can become worse.

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