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Signs You Need to Schedule Sewer Camera Inspection Services

Signs You Need to Schedule Sewer Camera Inspection Services

Dealing with sewer issues can be challenging and frustrating, mainly because sewer lines are underground and hard to access. In addition, your sewer line is susceptible to countless problems, including tree root invasion and clogs, that can cause leaks and backups. Luckily, at NuFlow St. Louis, we offer professional sewer camera inspection services in St. Louis, MO to help you identify problems before it’s too late. Here are some signs that warrant a sewer camera inspection.

Unpleasant Drain Odors

Foul sewage odors are a sign of septic or sewer system problems. With a sewer inspection, you will quickly identify the problem causing sewage to settle in your drains. The flexible rod attached to the camera can safely get into your sewer line to locate even tiny cracks or fractures.

Slow-Flowing Drains

Besides being an annoyance, slow-flowing drains may indicate a more significant problem further down the sewer line. If you’ve not had your drains cleaned in a while, a drain inspection can help you determine the cause of the obstruction and address it before the damage worsens.

Lush Green Spots on Your Yard

If you notice your lawn has random spots that are greener than the rest of the yard, that’s a sign of an underground leak in the area. Calling for a pipe inspection will help you clear your doubts. Once you confirm the issue, you will have ample time to plan for sewer repairs to prevent further damage to your property and environmental pollution.

Water Damage and Mold Growth

A faulty sewer line can cause water damage around your property, resulting in mold and mildew growth. In addition to other issues that result from sewer line damage, mold spores pose health risks, so watch out for that musty smell in your home and call us for a plumbing inspection immediately.

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