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Signs You Need Pipe Lining

sewer pipe lining

CIPP pipe lining allows experienced plumbers to repair and rehabilitate various types of sewer and water lines without disruptive digging. The process uses a high-strength epoxy resin to form a new pipe inside the old pipe, restoring water flow without digging trenches to replace the damaged pipe.

Some of the symptoms of pipe damage that may indicate a need for trenchless lining include:

  • Reduced water flow, bad odors, or unusual sounds. These symptoms indicate a clog, built-up organic material, or damage to the sewer line. A plumber may treat minor issues by augering or cleaning the pipe, but if the pipe is severely damaged or the problem is likely to reoccur, the plumber may recommend sewer pipe lining.
  • Leaks and reduced water flow in supply lines. Supply lines may degrade over time due to corrosion, causing water flow issues and reducing the quality of potable water. CIPP pipe lining can address water supply issues, though the plumber will consider the pipe material, condition, and other factors before recommending pipe lining over replacement of the damaged section of the line.
  • Soggy spots in the home’s yard, or unexplained green spots in the grass. This can indicate breaks or leaks in the sewer pipe, even if the homeowner hasn’t noticed other issues with the plumbing. Unexplained growth is often caused by root infiltration, particularly with cast iron sewer lines. In most cases, cast iron pipe lining can restore the property’s sewer system without digging.

No single symptom can prove pipe damage, and pipe lining companies may determine that damage is too severe to allow for CIPP rehabilitation. Older pipes with severe damage may require replacement, but pipe lining is a viable option for the vast majority of properties.

Whether a homeowner is considering repairs to a supply line or sewer line, the first step is to find a capable plumber who can analyze the condition of the pipe to determine whether to perform a cured-in-place-pipe lining or trenchless pipe lining in St Louis, MO.

At Nu Flow St. Louis, our experts can help property owners determine whether CIPP lining is an option and take the next steps. To schedule an evaluation, call us today or schedule a service online.

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