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Signs You Need Drain Cleaning Services

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning Services

Drain and sewer systems play a crucial part in the functionality and comfort of the home. Sadly, it’s only when homeowners experience issues such as clogged drains, sewer back-ups, or poor water flow that they realize this. For a fully-functional drain system, Nu Flow St. Louis recommends regular drain cleaning routines.

Here are signs that tell you when you may need pipe cleaning services.

Slow Water Drainage

Slow draining tubs or drains can be annoying. It makes your cleaning activities take longer and causes waste in the water to accumulate in the pipes over time. Thankfully, the simple act of calling for drain cleaning in St. Louis, MO, can solve this and they won’t develop into more serious issues later on.

Standing Water

Clogs can cause water to drain completely, resulting in water pooling. Worst-case scenarios can involve flooding. With deep cleaning techniques such as hydro jetting, professionals can effectively clear out blockages so you won’t have to deal with minor issues like standing water.

Strange Noises

Strange noises in your drain can be a sign of several underlying issues. Common causes include drain clogs or partial blockages. As water moves through a clogged drain, it may have to force its way through, causing gurgling noises. Don’t procrastinate when it comes to this!

Gurgling noises in your drains mean you may need a drain inspection immediately. While the sounds themselves may not be harmful, they are precursors to major problems. Hiring a drain cleaning company ensures no underlying plumbing problems will bother you in the future.

Foul Odors

Bad smells coming from your drains indicate that either wastewater may be accumulating or you may have leaks. The trigger for both these problems is often a clogged drain.

If you notice unpleasant sewage smells coming from your drains, hire an expert fast. Certified and licensed technicians can inspect your drains thoroughly and unclog the pipes through methods such as drain snaking and other drain cleaning services.

There are a couple of telltale signs that your drains may be clogged and in need of cleaning. Thankfully, you can count on Nu Flow for sewer camera inspections and other services. Contact our team today for more information or for an appointment.

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