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Why Sewer Pipe Inspection Is Important in St Louis

The overall state of your household’s health will depend entirely on how you maintain your sewer line system.

Think of the last time you had a plumbing emergency. What happens when your toilets start backing up and putting wastewater into your home? It’s not a pretty sight, to say the least.

The warning signs say there’s something wrong with your sewer lines, but the potentially hazardous risks are the more serious cause of concern. This is why you’ll need a proper sewer pipe inspection in St Louis at the first sign of trouble.

Nu Flow St. Louis will arrive on time and do a pipe and sewer inspection via an advanced ground camera. We will check for the following:

Root Penetration

Roots from nearby trees collect water by entering your pipes through cracks and lines. Its presence will also collect any passing solids and in time will present a huge flow stoppage leading to a complete blockage.

Pipe Corrosion

A deteriorating pipe naturally breaks down and forms cracks that lead to significant loss of water pressure. When there’s not enough water flow, your sewer system backs up and reverses.

Broken or Collapsed Pipes

Shifting soil and the freezing environment during winter can damage and even break your exposed sewer pipes in the process. Your pipes will not be able to function and ultimately cause emergency plumbing issues.

Leaking Joints

The joints are the weakest parts of your sewer line. When the seals break or wear down, expect the water to escape. Ground water creates stoppages. The damaged joints themselves cause massive structural damage if left unchecked.

Low Grade Pipes

Substandard material will present more headaches than it is worth. These will deteriorate and corrode well before their time.

Accurate Diagnosis

Which one of these common sewer lines is the culprit? The answer lies on the video inspection carried out by our professional technicians. It’s currently the best way to ensure 100% accuracy when it comes to diagnosing your sewer pipe’s issue. Our technicians will be able to get and show you a real-time visual feed using a laptop or a smart device.

Nu Flow St. Louis uses visual imaging to provide the following:

  • The exact location of the problem.

  • The exact nature of the issue.

  • The state of your sewer pipes.

  • The layout and map of your whole sewer system.

  • The materials that make up your sewer pipes.

  • The depth and how far along is the broken pipe.

Our licensed team will also be able to provide you a list of the things that are stuck in your drains and pipes. Trenchless repairs can be laid out once the exact cause of the sewer problem is determined. Our expertise allows us to see the small issues before they become time-disrupting big ones.

What’s more, you won’t have to rent big digging equipment and the manpower only to destroy your front yard. Nu Flow St. Louis makes use of the latest “no-dig” trenchless technology to repair and replace your sewer lines to a new-like condition. Call us now and experience plumbing repair convenience in its finest form.

Less Time. Less Mess. Less Money.

Contact the expects at NuFlow St. Louis to schedule your service.

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