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Emergency Plumbing Town and Country, Missouri

nuflow st louis missouri plumbing Emergency Plumbing Town and Country, Missouri

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Town and Country, MO Emergency Plumbing

Emergencies can be costly in both time and money. Business operations are interrupted, which could mean days of lost profits. Moreover, families affected by loss of plumbing function is inconvenient at the least and disruptive at most. At Nu Flow St. Louis, our capable technicians understand the importance of arriving on time and taking care of any and all sewer emergencies at the soonest possible time.

How Nu Flow Technology Saves Time And Money During Emergencies

Traditional emergency plumbing services are a trial and error process that costs customers money. At Nu Flow St. Louis, we have invested in the latest trenchless technology to accurately diagnose your pipe’s condition using the latest in camera inspection equipment.

Our expert technicians start things off with a comprehensive inspection of your sewer pipes via a CCTV camera affixed to a flexible optic line. The small contraption can be inserted into any open manhole, cleanout or drain and get to any point, regardless of turns and bends. A real time video feed sends us a picture of what it’s like inside, allowing us to see the condition and the source of the emergency problem.

At Nu Flow St. Louis, we have a range of trenchless services that solve the most common pipe problems and concerns. For repairs, we offer pipe lining services; for severely damaged pipes, we offer trenchless pipe bursting and for clearing out years of blockage and debris, we offer hydro jetting services. Years of experience and knowledge gives us an idea of what’s best for your particular emergency in Town and Country.

nuflow st louis plumbing Emergency Plumbing Town and Country, Missouri

Know Your Town And Country Emergency Plumbing Options

Trenchless drain cleaning can un-clog most blockages and accumulation of buildup and calcified mater. Our hydro jetting machine puts out pressurized water to wash out oil, grease, hair, food particles and other everyday items out the pipe and to the nearest sewer treatment system. Hydro jetting also removes bacteria, chemical and scale buildup that’s quite impossible to remove using traditional methods.

For failing pipes, we use CIPP, or cured in place pipe lining. It’s a no-dig procedure that rehabilitates entire sewer sections via a special epoxy resin that forms inside the old pipe. Hydro jetting removes the debris, and the liner is inserted and cured. After a few hours, a new pipe assumes the old pipe’s functions. The seamless, jointless material is highly resistant against cracks, holes, leaks and root intrusion and is expected to serve your home or commercial establishment for 50 years or more.

Preventive Maintenance For Town And Country Homes And Businesses

Sewer systems are not exempt from breaking down, and they’ll soon develop problems as time goes on. Maintenance can keep homeowners and business owners on top of things so that they know their pipe and sewer’s conditions before things turn for the worse. With preventive inspections and cleanings, you can avoid emergencies such as severe backups, flooding and property damage. At Nu Flow St. Louis, our technicians can carry out services to detect any kind of plumbing issues without having to dig a long trench. Call us to get a fast and affordable solution to all your emergency plumbing needs in Town and Country.

Less Time. Less Mess. Less Money.

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