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Drain Lining Naperville, IL

Have you ever heard about drain lining in Naperville, IL? It’s a trenchless method which effectively replaces traditional methods of repair and all its inconveniences. That broken pipeline can be lined with a stronger, more durable material in half the time it would take traditional methods to complete. What’s better is that you won’t have to spend a fortune in landscaping and excavation costs.

The Drain Lining Method

Pipe relining is a plumbing process that involves fixing a sewer line, a drainage network or an entire sewer system without the need to dig a trench. The goal is to create a new pipe inside the old damaged pipe.

Drain relining starts off with a thorough sewer camera inspection which seeks out the damaged area of your pipe system. Drain liners may be applied on existing cleanouts. In some repairs, digging a small access point may be necessary to get into your drain system. Once the source of the problem is found, a machine that pumps out powerful streams of water is utilized to clean out the insides of your pipes.

The liner used is made of a felt layer on the inside and a reinforced plastic exterior. It’s flexible enough to be applied on corner piping and turn on bends easily. Once the felt liner is in place, an epoxy resin is pushed to the drain, followed by an air bladder that pushes the liner against the existing pipe.

The liner is then heated to take the shape of the inner pipe. After 3 to 4 hours the resin dries and hardens and becomes a new pipe that is stronger than PVC. Then we do a final visual exploration, and we test the new pipe.

The result? A brand new pipe that is guaranteed to last for decades.

What Types of Drains Can Be Relined?

The trenchless method of repair can be used on almost all old pipe material- cast iron, PVC, earthenware piping, etc. Moreover, it can be used on traps, junctions and bends on stormwater and sewer drains. Drain lining can fix short and long pipe sections in one go.

Permanent Drain Repair

Drain lining is arguably the best and the most cost-efficient solution to repairing your drain pipes. You won’t need to dig up your land to get your pipes fixed. You also get to enjoy the benefits of having a seamless pipe material that holds off root intrusion, cracking and corrosion. You get a much-improved flow and get reduced chances of scale building up inside the new pipe. Your newly-installed pipe will have a lifespan of 50 years or more.

American Trenchless Technologies is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to the newest plumbing repair methods. Their drain lining in Naperville, IL is one of the best and fastest services in the area that won’t drain your time and your wallet!

Less Time. Less Mess. Less Money.

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