What Are The Problems That Sewer Camera Inspections Can Expose?

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Sewer Camera Inspection Pipe Lining Florissant

Sewer camera inspections are a process used by sewer repair companies in order to examine the condition of the pipes. Using this process, a waterproof camera is attached to a small, relatively skinny pole that is then inserted into the pipes once the water service has been shut off. Then, the camera is turned on and used to see inside the pipes, from top to bottom, with a 360-degree view.

With sewer camera inspections, nothing is out of sight or out of mind or left to chance. The live-feed is fed to a tablet, computer, phone, or other wireless device and showed to the customers at the time of the inspection. During this inspection, common problems are easily exposed, including:

  • Leaks
  • Clogs
  • Misalignments
  • Cracks
  • Corrosion

These problems can be fixed by expert technicians quickly and the customers are actively involved in the decision-making process as well. The solutions for corrosion or erosion may include pipe lining, which is a relatively painless process and can be completed in under twenty-four hours. This means that you’re able to quickly and easily medicate the problem inside your pipes. Clogs are common, as is flooding, but sewer camera inspections allow us to determine exactly why the pipes are becoming clogged or flooded so often. Sewer camera inspections provide the explanations for the inconvenient symptoms caused by these problems, and with fast solutions, the team at Nu Flow St. Louis can keep your home and business secure.

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