Pipe Lining: The Efficient Solution To Any Problem In Your St. Louis Home

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Sewer Repair Nu Flow St Louis

Pipe lining is a trenchless technology used in sewer pipe repairs. It is a system that involves little digging and lasts far longer than any other kind of traditional pipeline repairs. In fact, it is the efficient solution to any kind of sewer line problem you may face in your St. Louis home and we can provide this service at NuFlow St. Louis. But before we can offer the pipe lining solution, we first need to inspect your sewer pipes. We do this with a camera inspection. Because we use trenchless technologies, there will not be any heavy digging in your property, though there will be minimal digging as we establish a connection to access points where we can insert our video cameras.

Once the video camera is inside the sewer pipe, we can move it up or down the length of the pipe so that we can get a closer look at what is going on inside the system. All video is fed directly to a technician on site through a closed-circuit system. It is from this video that we can determine the condition of your underground pipe as well as identify any problem that requires attention. A pipe lining would be the logical choice in repairing a leak or cracks in the existing pipe. Once we’ve determined that we remove the camera and prepare the pipe for the lining.

Before we can proceed with the pipe rehabilitation we need to give it a good cleaning from the inside. This is accomplished through the use of our hydro jetting equipment. Essentially, it is a nozzle attached to a hose that we send highly pressurized water through. The hydro jetting system not only clears away buildup and debris leaving behind a clean surface for the pipe lining, it also eliminates any clogging or blockages that have been forming in your sewer line.

The pipe lining is a fine, epoxy-coated material that is pliable enough to be fed into the existing pipeline. Once this sleeve-like compound unfurls inside the pipe we apply hot water through the system. The heat causes a chemical reaction with the material that has been coated with epoxy. The reaction results in a hardening of the sleeve to the point where it actually becomes a solid pipe inside a pipe. In other words, a pipe lining. This pipe lining will not breakdown or corrode and will last you for several decades.

To find out more about trenchless technologies including pipe lining services available to you in the St. Louis region, contact us at NuFlow St. Louis. Trenchless repairs take less time to complete which means they are also cheaper for you. Plus, as a no-dig alternative, your property does not get damaged with heavy equipment being used to plow a trench alongside the pipe location for it to be examined. Our trenchless solutions eliminate the need for any of that and are kinder to the environment as a result.

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