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How to Know When Your Pipes Need to be Lined or Replaced

Repairing and replacing sewer and water pipes is now fast and efficient, thanks to trenchless technology. The no-dig solution lines your broken, ailing and root-invaded pipes with stronger materials that are stronger than conventional pipes. Trenchless methods have been around for many years but most homeowners and business owners don’t know they can have their plumbing rehabilitated without having to dig a single trench.

Our technicians will determine the cause of your sewer system and see if drain cleaning can solve it. Otherwise, we may need to proceed with a pipe repair. Pipe lining is best for sectional repairs or when the laterals are still intact. The special epoxy resin can seal off breaks, cracks and leaks from within the existing pipeline. Here are some indicators that your pipes may need trenchless re-lining or replacement:

Persistent Clogs

Clogs that persist even when you’re not flushing large objects down the drain is a clear sign that there’s something wrong with your pipes. Call a professional immediately if water keeps appearing or backing up from one spot to the other. For example, using the shower causes a clog in the toilet.

Old Age

Plumbing pipes, especially if they’re used on a day-to-day basis, won’t last forever. Older pipe materials such as clay will weaken, crack, and break apart due to age or root intrusion. For homes that are 50 years old or more, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll need a pipe replacement.

Root Invasion

If there are old trees in your property, then your pipes may be in danger of being invaded by roots. At any point the joints leak water or become structurally compromised, roots from shrubs and nearby trees can invade and clog the pipe, impeding flow and causing sewage to back up.

At NuFlow St. Louis, we use the latest sewer camera inspection technology to find out the exact location and extent of your sewer problems. A real-time video feed reveals the pipe’s conditions at any section. From there, our technicians formulate the best course of action depending on what we see. If you think your pipes need help, look to NuFlow St. Louis to solve the problem for you.

Lastly, many trenchless repairs can be completed very quickly when compared to traditional plumbing methods. Without the time needed to dig a trench and then fill it in again, your total completion time is a fraction of traditional repairs. You can get back to your daily routine quickly without worrying about plumbing repairs dragging on for days or weeks.

Less Time. Less Mess. Less Money.

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