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Is Clogging a Symptom of a Bigger Problem?

Is Clogging a Symptom of a Bigger Problem?

Your pipe and sewer system represent an essential part of your home. In case of damage or complications, you'll expect uncomfortable smells, health risks, and at times, expensive water bills. Here at Nu Flow St. Louis, we offer quality drain cleaning in St. Louis, MO to help prevent various sewer line issues.

Small clogs often cause slow drainage or water to back up, while bigger clogs can cause more extensive damage, such as pipe bursts. So, how do you tell if your clog signals extensive underlying damages? Read on to find out.

Your Drain Is Always Clogged

A dead giveaway to large plumbing problems is your sink or toilet appearing to be constantly clogged. While using a plunger can help solve slow drainage, a recurring clog calls for professional drain cleaning services. Please note that using hot water or DIY chemical cleaners will only cause more damage to your pipes in the long run. Letting a clog be can often lead to more stagnant water due to the blockages. Consequently, this can lead to leaks through cracks or erosion of the pipes.

Sounds Emanating from Your Drain

Some noises, such as your drain gurgling, can often signify bigger issues in your plumbing system. Often these noises are due to air traps in your pipes causing bubbles when water passes through the pipes. If the noises grow louder via your sink, toilets, or showers, consider hiring a plumber to check your pipe system. Common causes of drain gurgling include partial clogging of your drains or poor venting through the pipes that create a vacuum. Hire an expert from our team for drain snaking services to clear out the pipes.

High Water Bills

For most homes, utility and water bill cost ranges are fairly consistent every month. In the instance that your bills are unexpectedly higher than normal, your sewer system could be responsible. Often this is due to hidden leaks or pipe breaks resulting in water loss. According to the EPA, household leaks contribute to water loss of about 10,000 gallons annually, with 10% of these homes accounting for at least 90 gallons of water wasted daily. Consider hiring our drain cleaning company for services such as trenchless sewer lining to solve pipe leaks.

A clogged drain can be a cause of more problems or aggravate damage by other pipe complications. Contact Nu Flow St Louis today to explore our full range of services.

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