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Important Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts

Cleaning garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are incredible kitchen appliances that make cleaning up after meals a breeze. However, improper use can lead to clogs, jams, or even damage. Knowing the proper way of using a garbage disposal can extend its lifespan and keep your kitchen running smoothly. NuFlow St. Louis explains some do’s and don’ts when it comes to your garbage disposal.

Regular Maintenance

Do clean your garbage disposal regularly by scheduling drain cleaning in St. Louis, MO, with a professional. Avoid any DIY attempts, as you may damage the internal components of your garbage disposal. We also don’t recommend leaving the disposal unused for extended periods as this can lead to rust or corrosion.

Proper Use of Garbage Disposal

Using your garbage disposal correctly is crucial. Avoid disposing of small food scraps like fruit peels, coffee grounds, and soft scraps, as these can clog your unit. We recommend running cold water while operating the disposal to help flush the waste down the drain effectively. It’s also important to schedule drain cleaning services frequently to keep your garbage disposal free from blockages.

Avoid Hard or Fibrous Materials

Don't dispose of hard items like bones, seeds, or large pits, as these can damage the disposal blades or cause jams. Similarly, fibrous materials like celery stalks, onion skins, or corn husks should be avoided as they can wrap around the disposal blades and impede their function. Without routine drain snaking, these can also clog your disposal over time.

Watch Out for Grease and Oils

Avoid pouring grease, oils, or fats down the garbage disposal. These substances can solidify and lead to a clogged drain. Instead, collect them in a separate container and dispose of them in the trash once they solidify.

Your garbage disposal is a valuable asset in your kitchen, but it's essential to care for it properly. By following these do's and don'ts, you'll keep your garbage disposal running smoothly, making kitchen cleanup a hassle-free experience for years to come. When in need of a reliable drain cleaning company for drain cleaning solutions, turn to NuFlow St. Louis. Schedule an appointment today.

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