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How Trenchless Saves You Money

If you’ve been researching your sewer repair options, you’ve heard by now that trenchless repairs save money. But when you compare published rates, you may not be able to see where those savings come from and it can be easy to be suspicious of the claims. Don’t be: trenchless sewer repairs are truly more cost-effective, thanks to an efficient process with no hidden costs.

No Damage to Your Property

Hands down, the biggest savings in trenchless comes from the reduction in collateral damage to the property. If you’ve ever driven past a traditional repair site, you’ve seen the piles of dirt and debris, the downed trees, the ragged gash through paved areas, and the dozens of yards of grass crushed under the treads of heavy equipment. No matter how effectively a traditional repair crew works, the process itself innately causes massive amounts of damage to the owner’s property.

Fewer Man Hours and Renovations

This drives up costs in two ways, once during the repair and again after it’s finished. During the repair, all the extra time spent removing your valuable property features and piling up the bits up is billed in labor that drives up the repair cost. There’s also the allocation of equipment, and tree removal runs hundreds of dollars all by itself.

No Need for Repaving or Reconstruction

After the repair is over, you then pay for all that loss to be replaced, and that’s where the hidden costs of traditional sewer repairs come into play. Repaving alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars, especially for business parking areas and affected public streets. Sod must be replaced, trees must be replanted…the list goes on, and none of that expense is included in the repair rate because it’s left up to you.

Trenchless repairs only require minimal digging – if any – so they preserve your property features and eliminate all the related expenses, both those in the repair bill and the hidden ones after it’s over. You’ll save thousands of dollars and keep your property looking as beautiful as the day before your sewer line sprung a leak. Call NuFlow St. Louis today to get your sewer fixed quickly, easily, and most importantly, affordably, right now!

Less Time. Less Mess. Less Money.

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