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How Often Do You Need to Schedule a Sewer Pipe Inspection?

Sewer camera being inserted into a sewer line

It can be tricky to ascertain the condition of your pipe lines. Most of the time, maintenance and repairs aren’t even considered by property owners until there are obvious symptoms of plumbing issues. Through regular sewer pipe inspections, you can get on top of things and ensure that your plumbing system is in good condition.

NuFlow St. Louis, being the trusted name for sewer camera inspection services in St. Louis, MO, advises our clients not to skip sewer pipe inspections. Here, we take a look at how often you need to schedule a pipe inspection and why you can’t afford to skip it.

The Importance of Having Regular Sewer Pipe Inspections

The sewer line is one of the most critical components of your plumbing system. Through the use of a camera during the sewer inspection, a plumber can quickly and accurately check for problems or weaknesses in your sewer system. Regular check-ups can also help you detect issues early and prevent them from worsening. On top of that, it can help keep your property from unnecessary repairs and costly damages.

How a Sewer Pipe Inspection Can Benefit You

Sewer pipe inspection frequency is determined by the condition and age of your drainage system. As a general rule of thumb, a yearly inspection should be sufficient if you take proper care of your system. This ensures there is no buildup or potential problems like tiny cracks. On the other hand, you can plan a routine checkup that occurs at least twice a year for older and less well-maintained sewer systems. Even though there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with your line, performing this task guarantees that your drainage lines won't experience any problems down the line.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Plumber

Choosing a plumbing company for the plumbing inspection is crucial since locating and assessing pipe damage can be a challenging prospect. Professionals are trained to tackle various plumbing issues, no matter how big or small the issue is. When hiring, choose a reputable company with experience and is equipped with all the right tools to perform that task and solve your plumbing issue.

If your water system requires inspection services, call NuFlow St. Louis straight away! We provide plumbing solutions ranging from drain inspection services to trenchless pipe lining. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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