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How Often Do We Recommend Sewer Inspections

How Often Do We Recommend Sewer Inspections

The drainage system is important to every household, and if not properly maintained, it can cause significant water damage to your property. A working drainage does not always imply it is in good condition as it may have underlying issues. Having your drainage system inspected regularly helps you detect problems early and solve them before they blow out of proportion. At Nu Flow St Louis, we offer sewer camera inspection in St. Louis, MO, and we recommend that homeowners schedule this service: 


For sewer systems that are less than ten years old, an annual sewer inspection would be sufficient. The inspection should still be undertaken even if your sewer line is working fine. This analysis helps you take preventative measures that could help avoid damage to your pipes and interrupt your water service. 


Bi-annual inspections are a better option for sewer lines that are older than 10 years. Twice-a-year inspections allow you to take care of your pipes that may be prone to issues. It would help if you also considered factors such as the size of your property and how many people are part of your household. If there are trees near your sewer lines, carrying out a professional inspection often is beneficial, as tree roots are likely to infiltrate your pipes and destroy them.

In Case of Plumbing Issues

If you notice plumbing issues such as water not flowing properly or backlogs, it may be time to call our specialists. These issues could indicate problems with your drainage, making a drain inspection necessary. After we locate the problem, we will be sure to provide you with the necessary solutions.

Regular inspections are a valuable service that helps you detect and avoid sewer problems on the onset. At Nu Flow St. Louis, we offer reliable and affordable services to our clients. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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