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How Long Does Trenchless Pipe Lining Take?

Trenchless pipe lining process

Trenchless pipe lining, also known as cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining, is a popular method of repairing or rehabilitating damaged pipes without excavating. This process involves inserting a resin-saturated liner into the damaged pipe, which is then cured to create a new pipe within the old one. Trenchless pipe lining in St. Louis, MO, is a cost-effective and minimally disruptive solution for fixing damaged pipes, but how long does the process take? NuFlow St. Louis explains more below:

How is Trenchless Pipe Lining Done?

The process for trenchless pipe lining is the same for all pipe lining companies. Every repair job starts with an inspection of the sewer line. This will help us determine the cause of the issue, the extent of the damage, and the condition of your pipes.

The next step to CIPP pipe lining is to prepare the pipe. We usually perform hydro jetting to get rid of any debris or buildup in the pipe, allowing the full adherence of our epoxy-filled liner. After that, we measure the pipe to determine how much epoxy we need to use.

When done, we insert the liner into the damaged pipe and inflate it to seal any cracks or leaks and return the pipe to a like-new condition. The epoxy is then left to cure overnight. Once the epoxy has hardened, we inspect the pipe again to ensure that the pipe is repaired properly.

What Affects the Length of the Process?

The length of time it takes to complete sewer pipe lining depends on various factors, including the condition and size of the damaged pipe, the type of lining material used, and the project's complexity. Small pipe lining projects can generally be completed in a few hours, while larger projects may take several days to complete.

Regardless of the length of time required, cast iron pipe lining and our other trenchless solutions are a cost-effective and minimally disruptive solution for fixing damaged pipes. To learn more about our pipe lining services or to schedule an appointment, contact NuFlow St. Louis today.

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