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How Drain Snaking Works

How Drain Snaking Works

NuFlow St. Louis is a trusted drain cleaning company that specializes in drain snaking and other methods of drain cleaning. If you are unfamiliar with this drain cleaning method or simply want to know more about drain snaking, read on as we explain more.

What is a Drain Snake? 

A drain snake, also known as a cable auger, is a long flexible metal wire with a corkscrew-shaped tip on one end that's used to break up and clear clogs or obstructions in drains. It can be powered by hand or motorized depending upon the type of machine you're using. Drain snakes are one of the most common equipment used in drain cleaning in St Louis, MO.

The Drain Snaking Process

The drain snake is inserted into the drain until it meets the clog. The corkscrew-shaped tip will then break up the clog and allow the water to flow freely once again. Drain snaking is ideal for dealing with clogs caused by built up hair, soap scum, and leftover food.

How Often You Need Drain Snaking

Most clogs are caused by hair, grease, food particles, or other debris build-ups. If you notice that your drains are taking longer to drain than usual or if water is backing up into your sink, then it's likely that you have a clog and will need to have your drains snaked.

It's also a good idea to have your drains snaked regularly, especially if you live in a household with multiple people or pets. This will help prevent clogs from forming and keep your drains running smoothly.

A clogged drain is a common plumbing issue that occurs when the accumulation of food particles, grease, hair, etc., obstructs the pipe. Sometimes clogs result from the accumulation of what you flush down the toilet and create a huge problem.

If you're experiencing a clogged drain, contact NuFlow St. Louis today. Our trained technicians can provide you with quality drain cleaning services to restore the smooth flow of your drains right away.

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