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Don’t Let Aging Infrastructure in St. Louis Wreck Your Home’s Pipes

Missouri covers over 24,000 square miles. It’s a large territory with aging infrastructure. The average age of a building is about 45 years old. These buildings have done their job extremely well for decades. But now these infrastructures need replacement, and at a time when homes and businesses are more energy efficient and consumers are conserving more energy.

We are all energy-conscious and this is amplified when it comes to our homes. People are more dependent on electricity than ever, so it creates a challenge. You know who loves a good challenge? Plumbers love a good challenge. When it comes to our home we spend a lot of money on filling it with things and decorations but not nearly enough on maintaining it so that it doesn’t crumble in front of us. It is necessary to avoid those situations.

Customers these days are reliant on the service industry to fix their problems. So if you live in a home in Missouri and you are worried about your pipes bursting and causing major damage then let Nu Flow fix your problems for you!

It’s crazy to think that the pipes beneath you were built decades ago and they are what is keeping your home running or your business open. You don’t have to live in worry about the aging infrastructure surrounding you when there is a way to fix, repair or replace your pipes with minimal effort and disruption.

A Solution For Aging Pipes

The trenchless sewer repair process is the answer to your old pipes problems. We further developed the procedure with the development of the Nu Drain trenchless pipe lining system.

First the existing line must be examined by a specialty camera made to navigate sewer lines. This is a flexible camera that is snaked into the pipe via a drain in your home. The camera gives us an idea of the length of the sewer line and the extent of the damage.

Then the sewer pipe is accessed from the shallowest point. This is typically a point in your basement or just outside of your home. There won’t be any damage to your property and the access point is very small. The pipe will then be flushed out with hydro-jetter.

After this, the new pipe lining is inserted into the sewer and left to cure. This is called a “cured in place pipe,” or CIPP. it is made from a resin that hardens and essentially replaces your old, damaged sewer line. This is all done with minimal disruption.

Finally a sewer line replacement is no longer an arduous task that risks your home further than the damaged pipes already have. We are here to help keep your home up and running smoothly so that you can go about your normal life.

Renew Your Home’s Pipes

This process is quick and relatively simple but even if it gets to the point where you think it’s hopeless and you’ve given up, we challenge you to call us! We will take your challenge and raise you a solution. A simple solution of trenchless sewer repair will allow your aging infrastructure to become more sturdy and keep your home safe.

Less Time. Less Mess. Less Money.

Contact the expects at NuFlow St. Louis to schedule your service.

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