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Debunking Common Drain Cleaning Myths

drain cleaning in St. Louis, MO

When your home’s drains are clean, it shows in your overall plumbing. When it comes to drain cleaning in St. Louis, MO, be sure to work with NuFlow St. Louis. Here are a few drain cleaning myths that we wish to debunk. It’s worth knowing about them in case you have a problem or want to take maintenance steps with your drains.

It’s OK to Clean Your Drains via DIY

It’s a myth to believe that anyone can clean their drains on their own. In reality, there may be issues if you attempt it and you’re not experienced or have the right tools, you can cause damage. Your DIY job may not even be effective. Getting drain cleaning services from a professional is better.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Just As Effective

Chemical drain cleaners are often said as being the best for clearing a clogged drain. This is a myth as the chemicals in them can damage your pipes and entire septic system. They’re bad for the environment and can harm the health of your entire household, even your pets.

You Can Pour Hot Oil and Grease Down the Drain

It’s a dangerous myth to believe that it’s safe to pour hot oil and grease down your kitchen sink’s drain. While you might think the substances can easily rinse all the way down without a problem, the opposite is actually true. Over time, grease and oil will solidify in the pipe below your drain and cause a bad clog. You might need professional drain snaking to get it clear so that your sink can properly drain the water again.

Water That Drains Slowly Isn’t a Big Deal

You might initially shrug off slow draining in one of your plumbing fixtures, but this is, in fact, a big deal. Slow drainage will not resolve itself and you’ll need a professional to come and make repairs. The problem might even be bigger than simply that particular drain if your sewer line is affected.

Let the top drain cleaning company clear your drains at all times. Get in touch with us here at NuFlow St. Louis today to schedule an appointment.

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