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Causes of Clogged Drains

They are many maintenance problems homeowners face, and some can be more difficult and frequent than others. One of the more problematic can be clogged drains. Of all the home maintenance problems, this ranks at the top of the list for frequency and is one of the main job calls we get at Nu Flow of St. Louis. With any clogged drain, the use of the area becomes impossible until the clog is remedied, which can make it an emergency.

There are three primary reasons that homeowners require drain cleaning in St. Louis, MO. Major drain clogs occur in kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, and bathtubs, and toilets quite frequently. Understanding their causes can help you prevent them from reoccurring.

Kitchen Sinks

When it comes to your kitchen clogged drain in St. Louis, MO, food particles, and grease clogs are the top two problems. Meat bones and chunks of food, as well as grease build-up, can be particularly challenging for homeowners. Grease should never be poured down a drain without accompanying it with hot water and grease-fighting detergent to prevent build up.

Bathroom Sinks and Bathtubs

When it comes to the general drainage system in the bathroom for sinks and bathtubs, the number one clog problem is from hair build-up. When our drain cleaning company in St. Louis, MO makes a service call for bathroom sinks and bathtubs, most are hair build-up related. Having a bathtub drain catcher and primarily washing hair in the shower can reduce this problem.

Toilet Clogs

When a toilet clogs, it is often considered a home emergency. Since people cannot survive any significant amount of time without a functioning toilet, it can be especially problematic. Toilet clogs often require specialized drain snaking in St. Louis, MO to unclog. These types of clogs are often caused by flushed sanitary napkins and pads, paper towel jams, or items that accidentally get flushed.

No matter what the reason for drain cleaning services in St. Louis, MO, Nu Flow of St. Louis can help get your drain back and running in no time. Whether it is an emergency clog or a slow drain, our professionals can get the job done. Call us now or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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