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Best 3 Drain Cleaning Tools Used by Professionals in St. Louis, MO

Drain cleaning professionals have at their disposal the kind of expensive tools for the heavy duty jobs of breaking apart the solid waste that creates clogs capable of giving you more than just a physical headache. The economic headache of problems with drains requiring the services of those with experience and knowledge can wind up lasting much longer and becoming more intense than any real pain in the head ever could. Fortunately, when it those jobs that do require experience, the best 3 drain cleaning tools used by professionals in St. Louis, MO have consistently proven worth the investment for both contractors and those with the need to hire them.

Drain Inspection Camera

One of the most useful innovations in the history of professional drain cleaning is the cameras which allow for tracing the line of the pipes to locate blockages. The guesswork involved in determining the exact site along the network of pipes that serve to create your drainage system may not completely eliminated, but it has been significantly reduced. Drain cameras range in size and maneuverability so that you won’t need to expect to shell out for the fanciest system on the market just to find a block that is only two or three feet into a straight pipe. On the other hand, when that blockage requires inspection through multiple turns, the cost saving over old-fashioned trial and errors methods is very impressive.

Cable Machines

One of the standard drain cleaning tools used by professionals in St. Louis or anywhere else are the variety of cable machines that are convenient and effective for clearing obstructions and blockages in smaller lines. The best of these tools feature a smart motor that actually senses when a blockage requires more power to work its way through. These machines are also designed for compact spots so they can work just as ideally for cleaning drains in a small guest bathroom as they can for drains in a spacious kitchen. The best of these are also remarkably quiet for the power they put out and the amazing job they do. Once the camera locates a blockage in your drain, don’t be surprised if this is the first tool the contractors pull out.


Sometimes the camera can’t pick on every detail of the blockage. Sometimes it does pick up those details and the information it sends back will help the professional you hire realize that a cable machine just isn’t going to cut it. Those are the drain cleaning jobs that require bringing on the impressive power of water. Jetters are a tool that drain cleaners can use for effective and efficient cleaning. The power of high-speed, high-intensity water spray also comes in useful when the block is a fair distance through the pipe. What is perhaps most amazing about professional jetters is that they really are effective at clearing away through the kind of blockage that has created sludge and scum that has almost become permanently attached to the interior of pipes without also causing damage to those pipes. The words “drain cleaning” take on a double meaning with jetters which can simultaneously destroy the clog while returning the drain closer to a pristine state than it has been since it was first installed.

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