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5 Drain Cleaning Tools Used by Professionals in St. Charles

Professional drain cleaning is nothing like the DIY jobs you do in a pinch. Once you see how thorough and complete a professional drain cleaning actually is, the appreciation for substantial contracts can get the job done compared to the plungers, augurs and harsh chemical cleaners you have been relying up becomes clear. While experience and training definitely makes the difference, without some heavy duty tools to use all that experience and training would get your drain only so clean. With these 5 drain cleaning tools by professionals in St. Charles, however, your drains will be as clean as they can possibly get.

Inspection Camera

Time and money have been saved in massive quantities with the innovation of the inspection camera. These small cameras can be sent directly into the drain to send back video signals that let professional cleaners know exactly where the blockages in drains are and, to an extent, tell them what is the best tool for the job.

Power Snakes

The first line of defense even for professional drain cleaners is very often the same sort of tool you might have used yourself. Technically an augur, but more commonly referred to as a snake, professionals up the ante by using drain cleaning machines commonly referred to as power snakes. The key aspect shared by most of the power snakes used by professionals is the independent rotating that presents the cable from kinking. With the potential for those cables to reach 300 feet through the drain and some models capable of sensing when the snake has reached a blockage requiring more power, this is a very powerful cleaning machine. And it’s what most jobs will start out with!

Sink Machines

When you are lucky enough to have problems that limit drain cleaning needs to tools that go in through the sink with ease, the sink machine it the aptly named preferred choice. These are much smaller than the hydro-jets that more complicated blockages require. Most sink machines can actually fit on the countertop when doing their job and the magical element here is that you do not even need to worry about the counter becoming a mess. The best sink kitchen tools have been designed to eliminate the effects of waste water coming back to slash or spray all over the sink or tub.


When the power snake doesn’t provide enough power to work through the blockage, the next step is usually a hydro-jetter. The power of the deceptively soft consistency of water is on full display when cleaning a drain with anywhere from 1500 to 3000 PSI of power. The hydro-jetters are almost guaranteed to take care of any normal drain cleaning operations which cannot be handled by the power snakes. Of course, not all drain problems can be solved merely by entering the drain. Some drains require a little more effort to get to.

Root Cutters

Roots are the nemesis of a drain. All that precious moisture trapped inside, but making its presence known on the exterior of the pipe. When roots get hold of a pipe, the damage can devastating. Before the drain can be cleaned of the result of this damage, professionals must first get to it. That process involves cutting the roots away without inflicting damage on the pipe. Custom blades can be fitted to the cutter to address the particular root issues causing problems.

Less Time. Less Mess. Less Money.

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